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Mission Statement

The Software Group solves serial synchronous communications problems by applying our expertise in the management of software, hardware and network technology resources to organizatonal requirements for cost-effective solutions.


Historically, computer networking used synchronous protocols like X.25 and Frame Relay to cost-effectively transfer information between machines, and between machines and people. The emergence of the Internet as a ubiquitous, reliable default connectivity method has changed all that, as there is now a cost-effective, worldwide network available to every organization.

The Software Group develops and implements synchronous serial communications solutions. Our protocol solutions support traditional synchronous serial connectivity, via datasets to leased lines, or to public packet-switching data networks). We also provide solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of IP technologies to carry synchronous serial traffic to both local (campus-wide) and wide area (country-wide) destinations.


The Software Group's products include:

  • Synchronous serial PCI adapters
  • TCP/IP-based Synchronous serial device servers
  • Operating system drivers
  • Protocol implementation modules
  • Multi-platform API for application development
  • Migration to IP carrier networks
  • Embedded Linux appliances
  • High speed communication servers
  • VPN controllers