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COTS Journal (August 2003)

Embedded Systems aid synchronous protocol porting
by Derek Vair (February 2003)

Device Profile: SyncServer synchronous-to-IP converter
by Rick Lehrbaum (February 2003)

SyncServer 1000 Enables Legacy to IP Network Migration
story published on

Huronia Times - CYBER-BUSINESS (February 2000)

Software firm "betting the bank"
by Bruce Hain.

CompactPCI Systems (July/August 1999)

"How to design a Linux device driver for a CompactPCI WAN adapter board", written by Steve Schefter of The Software Group Limited.

Solutions Integrator (June 1, 1998)

"Banking On Safe Networks" This article talks about the use of a SCO Unix platform using an SNA network to interconnect 250 banking branches in China.