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Through its alliance with Quatech Inc., The Software Group Limited provides a full line of asynchronous serial communications devices in the Canadian marketplace. PCMCIA, PCI adapters, USB, CompactFlash, and Ethernet-based device servers are all elements of Quatech's line of serial communications solutions. For Canadian pricing and further information on Quatech's complete line of serial communications solutions, click here.

Synchronous Serial Connectivity

The Software Group Limited has been providing synchronous serial communications solutions since 1985, when it release Netcom I, an X.25 implementation for the IBM PC. Over the years, we have developed and built on our synchronous knowledge base so as to be able to provide solutions for everything from unstructured synchronous bit streams to a full IBM SNA APPC network node. These serial subsystems are based on the SGP synchronous adapter product line, a multiport high-speed bus mastering device for the variants of the PCI bus.

As TCP/IP has emerged as the networking technology of choice for both local area and wide area network applications, connections. To server our customers better, we developed a line of IP/synchronous devices, and the software to make them useful. The SyncSwitch and SyncServer product lines reduce network operations cost by using TCP/IP infrastructure to carry synchronous protocol information. These synchronous to IP conversion devices are available as diskless, fanless single port units, and as multiport units with a conventional (disk and fan) computer configuration.