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Wanware Linux is a complete system including adapters, software drivers, API and network management tools for the following types of communications under the Linux operating system.

TCP/IP Connectivity Solutions
    Frame Relay, PPP, X.25 Internet or intranet

Wide-Area Network TCP/IP Connections using Frame Relay, PPP and X.25

X.25 Connectivity Solutions    X.25, X.32, BX.25 X.25 public or private data network or device

API and PAD access to X.25, BX.25 and X.32 Connections

Frame Relay Connectivity Solutions    ANSI Annex D, Frame Relay Forum, CCITT Frame Relay public or private data network or device

API access to Frame Relay Connections

Synchronous HDLC or HDLC-LAPB Connectivity Solutions    HDLC, LAPB Synchronous HDLC or HDLC-LAPB device

Bit-Oriented Protocol Connections for Programmers


Wanware Linux is provided with either a PCI (SGP), or CompactPCI (SG4C) adapter. Both adapters are designed by The Software Group Limited to take full advantage of the software features.

Software Drivers

Wanware Linux comes complete with software drivers and installation scripts for Red Hat Linux, SuSE and other Linux distributions. Wanware Linux transfers IP datagrams over PPP, Frame Relay or X.25 at speeds up to 5 Megabits per second.


The Software Group's Application Programming Interface (API) permits developers and system integrators the ability to tightly integrate applications software with WAN communications. The Software Group's API is the same across all supported operating systems making it easy to port your UNIX or NT application to Linux and maintain the same API calls.

Contact us for sample source.

Network Management Tools

Wanware Linux has an integrated suite of network management tools that can be used to monitor and troubleshoot without expensive network protocol analysers. Features include interpreted line trace and decode, logical channel state display, link configuration and detailed statistics reporting at all levels.

Protocol Support

Frame Relay, X.25, HDLC-LAPB, HDLC Frames, Synchronous PPP ISODE FTAM

Additional Functionality

Local Management Interfaces (LMI): Frame Relay consortium, ANSI Annex D, and CCITT Annex A.

The Software Group Open Source for the Linux Community

If you don't need all the functionality of Wanware Linux and you like working with the Linux kernel directly, then consider our open source communications software. The Software Group Limited has made our SGP driver code communications publicly available to the Linux community. This code works in conjunction with open source X.25, Frame Relay and SyncPPP.

The Software Group's Linux Open Source