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Netcom II is a complete system including adapters, software drivers, API and network management tools for X.25 or LAPB communications running on SCO OpenServer 5, UnixWare 7, Open UNIX 8 and Solaris 8. Netcom II was first introduced in 1984 and is now one of the world's most widely-installed X.25 products, featuring a comprehensive CCITT 1988 X.25 implementation.

Netcom II can be used to inter-network work stations, branch office, point-of-sales systems, telephony switches and equipment, information kiosks and many other devices. It is an excellent choice for global e-mail networks and high-speed access to an Internet point-of-presence (POP).


Netcom II is provided with a PCI adapter or CompactPCI adapter. Both adapters are designed by The Software Group Limited to take full advantage of the software features.

Software Drivers

Netcom II comes complete with software drivers and installation scripts for SCO OpenServer 5, UnixWare 7, Open UNIX 8 and Solaris 8.


Communications access and control provided by The Software Group's Application Programming Interface (API).

Contact us for sample source.

Network Management Tools

Netcom II is an integrated suite of network management tools that can be used to monitor and troubleshoot without the need for expensive network protocol analysers. Features include interpreted line trace, logical channel state display, and detailed statistics reporting at all levels. With the addition of NetcomRouter software, industry standard SNMP information reporting is also available.

An X.3, X.28 and X.29 PAD is supported by Netcom II. PAD connects remote terminals without requiring asynchronous hardware and modems. Users can connect to any X.25 host on the network.

Protocol Support

  • X.25
  • LAPB
  • TCP/IP over X.25 or HDLC

Additional Functionality

Netcom II includes an extensive suite of X.25 software applications and comes with NetcomRouter as an optional software extension to provide a powerful embedded router (NetcomRouter) supporting TCP/IP over X.25 or HDLC networks, eliminating the need for external box routers. NetcomRouter includes RFC 1356, 1461 and 1582.

NetcomRouter is a great asset to your firewall. Incorporated in NetcomRouter is an IP packet filter which offers extra protection to a wide area network by allowing selection criteria in any field in IP, UDP, TCP, and ICMP headers.