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The Software Group's Linux Driver Source Code

Wanware Linux

The Software Group's Linux driver open source code is used to support synchronous communications to and from The Software Group's SGP adapter.

Why Use Open Source?

Open source gives you:

  • The ability to update when the Linux kernel is updated
  • The ability to build and modify specifically for your needs when you need it
  • Support for X.25, Frame Relay, LAPB and SyncPPP

What Don't You Get With Open Source

You will not get:

  • Installation diskettes with step-by-step configuration
  • Upgrades and support from The Software Group Limited
  • The Software Group's API
  • Support for Raw Framed Synchronous

What is Required

To use the Linux driver source code the following components are required:

What components are required to use The Software Group's Linux Open Source Code.
For pricing on the SGP adapter, send an e-mail to

Linux Kernel

The Linux Kernel must be downloaded from public domain. Go to for non-compiled code or your favourite vender for compiled code.

Go to


Linux X.25 Utilities

These utilities, which are not part of the Linux Kernel are used to configure and administer the X.25 or LAPB protocols.

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Linux X.25 Utilities


SGP Driver Open Source

The SGP driver source includes the necessary "hooks" to sit below Linux X.25 and LAPB, SyncPPP or Frame Relay.

This source release has been tested on kernel version 2.2.14 (Red Hat 6.2) and on the latest (beta, unreleased as of October/2000) kernel version, 2.4.0-Test 7.

Download Now

For Linux kernel version - 2.4.x

For Linux kernel version - 2.2.x

SGP Utilities Open Source

Included in SGP utilities open source package is:

  • A trace program that decodes the headers of each frame sent and received by the SGP. This decoding includes LAPB, X.25 packet layer, IP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, LCP, PAP, CHAP and IPCP header decoding into English text.
  • A configuration program that allows the selection of line speed (if internally clocked), frame size and NRZ versus NRZI encoding from the user level.
  • Two applications, gensock and sinksock, which establish an X.25 virtual circuit and then send/receive data as fast as possible along with verifying the data integrity. They provide a good way to verify a setup and measure overall performance through the network.

Download Now

For Linux kernel version - 2.4.x

For Linux kernel version - 2.2.x

Installation Instructions

Once you have downloaded the three software components, use the installation instructions to install the drivers for the SGP adapters.

To install the source code:

  1. cd /usr/src (or wherever your kernel source is kept)
  2. tar xzvf sgp-1.1.0.tar.gz patch -pl -b
  3. For further use information of the WAN interfaces, see the headers in the files:
    • drivers/net/wan/sgp_ppp.c
    • sgp_x25.c
    • sgp_fr.c
  4. In order to use X.25 you will need to enable Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers under code maturity level options when running make menuconfig, then turn on X.25 and LAPB under Networking Options.

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Installation Instructions