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Netcom II

Fast File Transfer

As well as the UNIX utilities for transferring files (uucp, ftp, rcp), Netcom II has an X.25-specific fast file transfer utility which reduces file transfer cost and duration by filling packets and taking advantage of X.25's built-in error checking.

Network Management

Controlling your data network is easy by using Netcom II for both technical control and facilities management.

Using our line tracer and status display utilities, network operations staff can tell at a glance whether there are protocol problems without connecting protocol analyzers.

Traffic information and statistics gathering built into Netcom II provide the basis for the strong facilities management program.

Network Management Tools

  • A line trace interpreted for symbolic display of LAPB and packet-level headers
  • Full operational statistics collections and reporting at all levels, accessible to the API
  • API accessible SVC statistics and information report
  • Logical channel state display

Other Features

  • Full support for all features of CCITT 1984 & 88 X.25
  • Standard UNIX software installation methods make installation fast and easy
  • Support is available for onboard asynchronous ports and V.35, RS-232, X.21 or RS-422 serial interfaces, internally or externally clocked. X.32 is supported via the V.25bis synchronous modem dialer protocol
  • tty support allows use of your favourite terminal emulator, including: mlink, kermit, cu and rz/sz
  • Our X.25 API allows applications access to any facilities of CCITT X.25 1980, 84, 88. Custom applications handle incoming calls by examining their characteristics. Alternately, the Netcom X25daemon uses your call disposition table to clear an incoming call, pass it to another application, or switch it to UNIX login
  • Supports WITHOUT EXCEPTION all 1984 X.25 facilities:
    • HDLC interfacing from the API
    • T3 link inactivity timer
    • Packet & window size negotiation & non-standard defaults
    • Packet sizes 16 to 4096
    • Window sizes 1 to 127 packets
    • Throughput class negotiation
    • Modulo 128 packet sequence numbering
    • Modulo 128 frame sequence numbering
    • Packet retransmission
    • Incoming & outgoing packet & frame level RNR
    • One way logical channel groups, incoming or outgoing calls barred
    • Permanent virtual circuits
    • Bilateral, outgoing, & normal closed user groups
    • Reverse charging
    • Acceptance/rejection of reverse charge calls
    • Multiple RPOA selection
    • Fast select with our Restricted Response
    • Up to 128 bytes of Call or Clear User Data
    • D-bit support & modification
    • CCITT 1984 NUI support
    • Support for network-generated call statistics and tariff data
    • Dynamic link reconfiguration with or without 1984
    • Registration Packets
    • CCITT call redirection & called line address modification
    • 1984 MultiLink Protocol
    • 1984 Extensions for OSI network service
    • All diagnostic packets, and cause & diagnostic bytes