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Synchronous IP/Ethernet Devices

The Software Group Limited's SyncServer and SyncSwitch convert synchronous serial communiations information to TCP/IP and back. Used appropriately, they eliminate costly leased lines, replacing them with TCP/IP network infrastructure, providing a migration path to a completely IP-enabled network and application environment.

  • SyncSwitch Offers synchronous network connectivity over IP networks for any synchronous traffic. All synchronous serial information, from a random serial bit stream through SDLC and BSC traffic up to a a full level III X.25 packet switch can be carried on SyncSwitch.
  • SyncServer SyncServer is a synchronous serial device server, providing application programs running anywhere in a TCP/IP network with serial communications services from raw framed synchronous data exchange to any type of X.25 virtual circuit connection.

Synchronous Subsystems

The Software Group has been providing synchronous adapters and protocol implementations for over 20 years. Our current suite of hardware and operating system support covers everything from embedded Linux running on a Motorola PowerQUICC controller to large-scale multiprocessor Solaris and Unixware systems.

Each of The Software Group Limited's synchronous subsystems is a complete synchronous solution for serial connectivity between a computer system and a remote synchronous peer. We include operating system drivers, protocol stack software and application programming interfaces (API) as a part of each product:

  • Adapters PCI (2 and 4 port), PCI-X (3.3v PCI) 2 port adapters with RS-232, X.21, V.35, RS-422, RS-449 or RS-520 electrical interfaces.
  • Software Drivers - for Linux, Windows NT, SCO OpenServer 5, UnixWare, and Solaris.
  • API library - Integrate applications with WAN communications.
  • Protocol Support - X.25, BX.25, LAPB/HDLC, Frame Relay, PPP and raw framed synchronous connections.

In addition to providing application connection to synchronous serial networks and devices, The Software Group's synchronous subsystems easily install in a server to provide WAN routing. This eliminates the need for an external router and permits communications to be tightly integrated with application software. Installation and configuration takes a couple of hours.

image of board being inserted into PC

Wanware and Netcom II are proven products installed at over 50,000 sites worldwide. Wanware and Netcom II products provide fast reliable routing of synchronous data streams. An investment in Wanware or Netcom means your applications can adapt to changing conditions and heterogeneous systems. The Software Group's API is the same over all operating systems.

Why Use PC-based Routing?

Wanware and Netcom II integrate complex functions such as link control, virtual circuit management, packet routing and device emulation within the space of a single expansion slot. The Software Group's products transparently route TCP/IP traffic over high-speed Frame Relay, X.25 or SyncPPP circuits, filter inbound and outbound IP packets and display real-time statistical data all without the need of external routers, WAN controllers or protocol analyzers.