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Upgrade your NT -X.25 WAN Application to Windows 2000/XP/2003 using SyncServer.

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Wanware NT Overview

Wanware NT supports TCP/IP over PPP (with RAS or RRAS for Windows/NT), X.25 or Frame Relay, eliminating the need for external routers or rack-mounted equipment. Figure 1

With integrated TCP/IP routing, TCP/IP LANs can be interconnected across high-speed WANs; such as: Frame Relay, X.25, Satellite and Dedicated Leased Line - a perfect solution for networking widely distributed branch offices and building global e-mail services. Figure 2

As such, Wanware NT supports shared file systems and printers by enabling NetBEUI over TCP/IP. We also support dial-up X.25 connections. The X.25 stack has the capability to dial a synchronous modem for X.32 Access.


Wanware NT is provided with a PCI adapter or a CompactPCI adapter. Both adapters are designed by The Software Group Limited to take full advantage of the software features.

Software Drivers

Wanware NT is provided with Windows NT drivers and integrates with standard TCP/IP drivers.


C or C++ Language API library for X.25, Frame Relay, HDLC (LAPB) and raw synchronous access

Contact us for sample source.

Network Management Tools

Wanware NT offers real-time network analysis and management tools (interpreted line trace, logical channel state display, full statistics reporting at all levels, WAN connection and IP routing configuration reports.

Protocol Support

TCP/IP over X.25, Frame Relay and PPP are supported.

Additional Functionality

  • Compatible with international standards and protocols and existing router-based networks
  • Supports SDLC and QLLC/X.25 Access from Microsoft SNA Server
  • Interfaces with Windows/NT RAS or Routing to provide PPP connections for Intranets and Extranets