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Wanware® Linux -
Frame Relay Connectivity Solutions

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Linux Penguin - TuxFrame Relay Connectivity Solutions

  • Full program control over link state and configuration
  • Choice of local management interface (LMI) protocol variants

Frame Relay Overview

Frame Relay networks offer high transmission speeds and low cost, relative to traditional leased lines and X.25 networks. Suitable for high quality facilities, Frame Relay links are often used as carrier facilities for digital voice or IP connections.

Wanware Linux for Frame Relay Overview

Wanware Linux provides system developers with full control over Frame Relay Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) with frlib, the Frame Relay application programmer interface library. In addition to controlling data exchange with other systems, Wanware Linux contains a network management library which allows developers to query link status and other communications operation statistics, and to reconfigure frame relay data links dynamically.


Wanware Linux is tightly integrated with The Software Group's SGP adapter. SGP is a high performance bus mastering adapter, running at up to 4Mb/second per link, and available for both the PCI and CompactPCI architecture. Wanware Linux will also function with other other third party hardware adapters (ISA and PCI). Contact us for assistance in determining which hardware adapters are compatable with Wanware Linux.


Wanware Linux software contains a full implementation of Frame Relay PVC with LMI (Local Management Interface) code for the following LMIs:

  • ANSI Annex D
  • Frame Relay Forum

Using Wanware Linux, customers control each PVC to exchange information with remote devices over a leased synchronous link to a Frame Relay network or simply with a connection to another machine, using Frame Relay protocol in a pure leased line environment. Network Administrators will appreciate Wanware Linux's live tracing and statistics reporting applications, while taking advantage of our user-friendly communications configuration software.

Other Wanware Linux Protocols