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Wanware® Linux -
Synchronous HDLC or HDLC-LAPB Solutions

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Linux Penguin - TuxSynchronous HDLC or HDLC-LAPB Solutions

  • HDLC frame transmission with no protocol

  • HDLC / LAPB I-frame interchange

  • Link state and statistics available through management API library

Raw Framed Synchronous Overview

The Raw Framed synchronous API enables fast customer protocol or connectivity application development. It allows developers to transmit and receive frames formatted according to the HDLC (high-level data link control) bit-oriented protocol. LAPB provides an error-checked data link; transmission using the LAPB API will either be retransmitted until correctly received, or the application receives an appropriate error status with notification of transmission failure.

Wanware Linux for Synchronous HDLC Overview

For organizations needing close control of machine interactions with other locations, Wanware Linux provides mechanisms for HDLC frame exchange without the necessity for driver development. Libsync gives programmers control over the data link at the frame level, allowing transmission and reception of HDLC bit oriented protocol frames over up to 16 links simultaneously.

Using Wanware Linux, customers can control HDLC-LAPB data links to exchange information with remote devices over a leased synchronous line or with switched dial-up facilities. Once connected, an HDLC-LAPB link provides an error-free link between machines. Wanware Linux takes care of the details of window management, retransmission requests, and handling protocol timeouts. Applications "see" only data blocks, and indications of link failure.

Other Wanware Linux Protocols