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Technical Specifications for Wanware SNA

SNA Diagram

SNA Diagram

3270 Emulation

  • Character and Motif-based graphical user interfaces
  • Multi-session support
  • 3278/9 Models 2, 3, 4, and 5 emulation with/without extended host attributes
  • 3179G graphics emulation (including APL and program symbol sets A + B)
  • 3287 (LU1/LU3) printer emulation
  • Local printing and spooling capability
  • Keystroke record/ playback feature
  • Single-byte and double-byte host language support
  • IND$FILE File Transfer (MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, CICS)
  • HLLAPI and EHLLAPI support
  • Auto generation of alerts to NetView operator
  • Response-time statistics reporting
  • Customization of screen colors, highlighting, and keyboard maps
  • Context-sensitive help

5250 Emulation

  • Motif-based graphical interface to AS/400 systems
  • Multi-session support
  • 5250 and 5251 terminal emulation
  • Mono, colour, and large screen (27 x 132) model support
  • SNA Character String (SCS) printer emulation
  • Local printing and spooling capability
  • Keystroke record/playback feature
  • Single-byte and double-byte support, including "right-to-left" languages
  • File Transfer (from command-line interface), similar to PC Support/400 and
  • Client Access/400
  • Customization of screen colours, highlighting, and keyboard maps
  • Host language selection
  • Context-sensitive help

RJE Emulation

  • Emulates 3770 devices
  • Multi-session support
  • Interactive host console program interface
  • Stop, start, and view status commands with local job spooling
  • Printer, punch, or exchange output redirection to disk, spooler, or UNIX application
  • Peripheral Device Information Records (PDIRs) pass-through support
  • Data records up to 248 characters
  • Binary transfer with/without ASCII-EBCDIC conversion

PU/LU Support

  • PU 2.0/2.1
  • PU Concentration (allows LUs on a downstream PU 2.0/2.1 node to access a host)
  • Dependent LU Types 0, 1, 2, 3, and 6.2
  • Dynamic Definition of Dependent LUs (DDDLU)
  • Dependent LU Requester (DLUR) for auto-routing of LUs over APPN networks
  • Supports independent LUs on APPN networks to simplify configuration

APPN Support

  • Complete APPN End Node emulation
  • APPN Low Entry Networking (LEN) emulation
  • Supports both pre-APPN (PU 2.0/2.1) and APPN nodes
  • Dynamic allocation of LUs on as-needed basis
  • Dynamic node configuration (no rebooting required)
  • Automatic configuration updates from remote peers

IBM Host Support

  • VM/CMS
  • CICS
  • JES2, JES3
  • NetView, NetView DM
  • Additional systems_menu are supported; please call for details

Link Support

  • SDLC (switched lines, leased lines, auto-dial support)
  • QLLC/X.25 (switched virtual circuits)
  • LLC2 (Ethernet, Token Ring and Frame Relay)
  • Multiprotocol/ multi-link capability

Developer's Toolkit

  • EHLLAPI Library for automation of 3270 functions
  • APPC Library with BASIC and MAPPED conversation verbs
  • CPI-C Library with BASIC and MAPPED conversation verbs (compatible with X-Open CPI-C and IBM CPI-C)
  • LUA Library for LU Type 0, 1, 2, 3 session control via Request Unit Interface (RUI) verbs
  • CSV (Common Service Verbs) Library, including EBCDIC-ASCII translation
  • NOF (Node Operator Facility) Library, which allows applications to perform administrative tasks
  • MS (Management Services) interface for communications with remote MDS-or NMVT-level management applications

Network Management

  • Motif-based Central Administration Program controls configuration and runtime (dynamic) management of SNA functions
  • An optional Service Point Command Facility (SPCF) and UNIX Command Facility (UCF) permit monitoring and management from any NetView console
  • Local storage and/or broadcast of link alerts and pre-defined 3270 user alerts to NetView hosts
  • NOF API allows applications to manage their own resources
  • MS API supports communications with other network management applications
  • Motif-based logging, auditing, and filtered tracing for problem determination

Hardware Support

  • Choice of adapter for SDLC, QLLC/X.25, and/or LLC2 connect
  • Choice of electrical interfaces (Contact us for a quote)

Product Versions

Wanware SNA Workstation:

  • Installs on OpenServer 5 server
  • Includes hardware adapter
  • Unlimited number of 3270, 5250, and RJE sessions
  • Sessions run locally on server
  • Sessions accessible by tty-based terminals and printers

(This product also available in software-only version)

Wanware SNA Server:

  • Installs on a UNIX server
  • Includes hardware adapter (except LLC2)
  • Supports local or remote SNA clients; see below

(This product also available in software-only version)

Wanware SNA Client:

  • 3270, 5250, and RJE support
  • Multiple LU session capability
  • Available for UNIX and Windows 3.x