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The Software Group Limited develops, deploys, and supports innovative solutions to synchronous serial connection problems. We combine specialized hardware with appropriate operating system modules and application programmer interfaces to connect computers using a wide range of synchronous communications protocols - HDLC, LAPB, X.25, Frame Relay, OSI TP4, FTAM and SNA among them. We apply these components in a structured manner, defining milestones and demonstrations along the way so that progress is both measurable and demonstrable.


The company's project management experience and skill results from both internal requirements and in response to customer needs. The focus is on designing and monitoring projects by defining achievable, measurable project goals, and tracking the effort required to reach them. The combination of technology and management results in cost-effective solutions delivered in a predictable manner.


An essential part of any development project is testing. Our software and hardware development processes and quality assurance testing are deployed internally to ensure that our products operate as advertised, as well as on behalf of customers with special requirements.