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Strategic Network Design and Planning

We work to define your network strategies to encompass your business needs now and in the future. With all the activity surrounding use of the Internet, company intranets and extranets for companies' interactions with suppliers, many institutions find themselves trying to implement new network elements quickly to meet their current business requirements.

We begin with data collection through review of written policies (if they exist) and interviews with management and technical staff to outline the goals for the company. We apply those goals to the required information flows between departments, users and external organizations. When the information flows are understood we match these to current network technologies to establish a recommended infrastructure direction for the company. We consider any legacy network elements, plus current systems to develop a framework for future network expansion.

Network Requirements Analyis

Network requirements analysis is always related to the business purposes of the network. We analyze the business tasks and requirements that must be accomplished via the network plus we review exisiting and new applications that the network must support. We consider what the company can accomplish with their network today and what limitations the current network places on business processes. The desired requirements are prioritized based on business benefit.

Network Implementation

The implementation of new network components is difficult for many companies to manage in conjunction with managing day to day operations. The Software Group can augment your in-house expertise to ensure a successful network implementation. We can plan and implement network elements on behalf of your staff or we can integrate with your staff to perform specific parts of the integration where our specialized expertise is particularly valuable.

Network Management, Operations and Staffing

The implementation of new network elements typically requires new management tools and operational processes. Existing processes for trouble reporting and resolution must adapt to incorporate new technologies. The Software Group can recommend the appropriate management tools and manage some or all of your network elements through our managed services program.

Network Audit and Security

Because networks constantly change and because security is an evolving entity, it is prudent for companies to have their network audited for performance and security. A network audit provides a complete review of your current network set up.

We examine:

  • Network Elements - location, organization
  • Network Documentation - does it reflect current situation, policies, procedures
  • Network Redundancy - single points of failure, recovery plan, backups
  • Network Security - possible external infiltration, possible internal infiltration, policies procedures

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