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The Software Group Limited provides custom development services to clients engaged in a variety of industries (Telecommunications, Finance and Government, for example). We have twenty years of expertise in networking, software and hardware development. Our specialty is in design and development of embedded systems.

Services Provided

  • Driver software development
  • Porting of developed code to Linux operating systems
  • Hardware design and prototype development

Sample Projects

  • Development of BX.25 session layer libraries
  • Development of embedded Linux devices for data communications
  • Development and management of VPN gateway devices
  • Development of data packet filters
  • Development of web based administration systems for network elements
  • Design and management of file transfer utilities
  • Development of traffic load balancing systems for servers, firewalls and VPNs

Minimize Risk, Improve Success by Contracting Development Projects to us

Our custom development process involves the following:

  • Initial assessment of project and cost estimates
  • Discussion with client regarding specific requirements, objectives, and criteria for acceptance and responsibilities, resource scheduling, acceptance criteria, terms and conditions
  • Project plan, including costed milestones
  • Delivery and acceptance testing

Operating Systems

Linux (various distributions), Unix (SCO, Solaris) and Windows